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Doric White Paper

Doric White Paper

The technical whitepaper describes the Doric Blockchain powered by the DRC protocol, aims to bring together all the significant advantages of public blockchains and the necessary restrictions of authorized blockchains to create a ready ecosystem for businesses, users and merchants.


We use the intelligence of a qualified team in all phases of the project: conception, project development, execution and operation

Our roadmap focuses on development, operations, infrastructure and new partnerships.


What is Doric?

Doric is a Blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to Tokenize Assets, the fractionation of assets, such as enterprises and properties aiming at increasing liquidity and business possibilities. summing up, with Doric an ordinary investor with less capital can invest, for example, in the construction of a building, the manufacture of a luxury boat or the structuring of a startup. The project's conception is to end bureaucracy, globalize and democratize investment in the asset market.

Why Doric?

Based on its own blockchain, it uses the PoA consensus algorithm, which allows for much faster transactions and scalability to the network.

How does the plataform work?

Anyone can use the network to tokenize real-world assets or create DApps.

How does a propietary blockchain work?

It allows for many more possibilities, representing a breakthrough for something already so innovative. It's the security of the blockchain, with much more agility and security.