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Welcome to the Doric Network Official Documentation!

The most efficient platform for the token economy

It is not known with certainty when money was invented, but it is estimated that it emerged even before the wheel, around 5000 B.C. With the implementation of a currency, several changes in society’s behavior occurred. After that, it was no longer necessary to have sacks of grain or heads of cattle to be considered rich; accumulating a few pieces of metal or animal skin it was enough.

This ancient monetary system has evolved along the years through commodities such as gold, paper money, checks, until it reached the digital world. When money in the form of digital data was implemented, there was another evolution in the way of doing business and accumulating wealth. Borders and timeframes were shortened and many businesses became more competitive. Today society is living in an age of digital payments and transactions, and they are evolving at an accelerated pace. Buying and selling is now much faster, more affordable, and more secure.

In the 21st century, it is possible to see further considerable movement in this complex ecosystem. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, are taking a major share of the financial asset market. Cryptocurrencies have begun to be used as solutions in financial transactions, as this currency model makes globalization possible, reduces tax incidence, and makes transactions secure and traceable. Within this context, it is already possible to see the movement of some major organizations migrating part of their investment or operation to the cryptocurrency universe and, consequently, diving into the world of blockchains.

What is Doric?

Doric (DRC) was idealized within this context of economic and digital evolution. We gathered the best of the classic - filtering the good parts - with security, interactivity, transparency, technology, and usability. Doric (DRC) is a cryptocurrency that also feeds the Doric blockchain. It acts as a settlement mechanism for various DApps created on the Doric blockchain.

All payments are simpler with digitalization, whether for purchases or sales. Negotiations become faster and users have convenience at hand, wherever they are. Moreover, digital payment is universal.

The systems for exchanging or trading digital goods and services take place between two people, just as cryptocurrency transactions do today: peer-to-peer (P2P). That is, the transaction is direct and the value of the cryptocurrency is quoted at the time the trade is being made, all through computers

Over the past three years, the blockchain and cryptocurrency phenomenon has presented solutions for a variety of industries. Smart contracts, in particular, facilitate a more fluid and tamper-free asset exchange process for the real estate, automotive, and shipping markets, thus making the transaction process more intuitive, less complicated, and less costly.

As such, we are introducing Doric to this market: blockchain-based platform with a global community format.

Doric Cryptocurrency (DRC) will be used for payments on a technological platform

Through this process, buyers and sellers of real estate, for example, will be able to negotiate without the usual layers of intermediaries and, at the same time, receive their payment anywhere in the world. Contract management and exchanges will be conducted through DORIC’s exclusive platform.

Doric will provide valuable integration with organizations and notary offices, with the goal of having Doric’s smart contract accepted as a legal and official sales and purchase document.

Doric is much more than a transaction platform. It is a blockchain network where the buying and selling processes are assisted and supported by various programs, such as our Ambassador program, in which participants will offer all legal solutions in all countries of operation.

The network members will vote on each and every change, partnership, innovation, and new product development on our platform, for we know that we will only create something substantial and memorable with the support and participation of our Doric network.